Why Bluestone Is the Material of Choice for the Construction Industry

MELBOURNE, Australia, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bluestone tiles are commonly found in pools, driveways, and home and landscaping renovations – it…

MELBOURNE, Australia, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bluestone tiles are commonly found in pools, driveways, and home and landscaping renovations – it is also often the material of choice in the construction industry. Some of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings such as Town Hall and the Old Melbourne Gaol are made from bluestone – it can even be seen on footpaths, kerbs and window sills. Edwards Slate and Stone explains why large-scale construction projects often prefer bluestone tiles over other materials.

Bluestone is a versatile material; according to Edwards Slate and Stone, it can be cut and finished almost any way imaginable. It comes in various colours, and the different finishes available make it suitable for a huge range of various projects. It can be used to construct kerbs, fences, footpaths, buildings, retaining walls and more. Its varying catspaw patterns make for interesting, unique tiles, meaning no two projects will look exactly alike.

Experts in the construction industry know that bluestone is extremely durable and consistently withstands the test of time. It has been a popular choice for construction projects dating back to the 19th century – buildings and other projects erected throughout the late 1800s in Melbourne can still be seen standing strong today. This is due to its dense composition, hardness and texture. Australian bluestone is especially renowned for its high quality and durability, as it is generally considered the purest form of bluestone in the world.

Edwards Slate and Stone point out that bluestone’s anti-glare and anti-slip properties make these tiles the perfect choice for areas that are dense in cyclists and motorists. Particularly in locations that see both a large amount of rain and sun throughout the year, such as Melbourne, these are important factors to consider.

Industry experts report that bluestone tiles are often the material of choice for large-scale projects because they have been proven to withstand time, traffic, and extreme weather conditions. No matter what the job, bluestone can be finished and constructed in almost any way needed.

For your next project, call on the experts, Edwards Slate and Stone, for professional advice and installation of bluestone pavers.

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