Modibodi and Getty Images Campaign Gets Real About Postpartum Life

SYDNEY, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Modibodi has partnered with Getty Images’ Custom Content photographers from around the world to create…

SYDNEY, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Modibodi has partnered with Getty Images’ Custom Content photographers from around the world to create ‘EMBODIED: Postpartum Unfiltered,an image gallery capturing a raw and truthful look at this post-birth period. The gallery features varied bodies, moments and milestones of life postpartum, providing a more in-depth perspective to this new stage of life.

Venturing beyond simplistic post-birth representations of ‘baby bliss’ or the ‘baby blues’, ‘Postpartum Unfiltered’ features 1,500 images sourced from Getty Images’ photographers around the globe, showcasing the emotional and physical realities of new motherhood across a diverse range of families and children with varying ages, ethnicities and religions.

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The fourth trimester, defined by the first three months following childbirth, is an intense and exhilarating stage of life. Any mother will tell you it’s defined by highs and lows, hope and joy, yet concurrently paired with feelings of exhaustion, isolation, anxiety and sadness.

Postpartum life, however, isn’t portrayed widely in media and advertising – at least not authentically.

Why Now?

The Modibodi and Getty Images partnership was inspired by the recent launch of Modibodi’s Maternity, Postpartum and Baby Collection.

«When preparing to launch Modibodi’s reusable nappies and postpartum range of leak-proof bras, camisoles and briefs, we found the images available of life in the fourth trimester were extremely limited,» says Modibodi founder and CEO, Kristy Chong.

«Most postpartum images were disheartening photos of mums scared or frustrated. At the other end of the spectrum were glossy celeb mom and baby snaps. We knew this had to change,» continues Kristy.

As a mother of four, Kristy says it’s ‘no wonder’ many women are unprepared for the physical and emotional changes that accompany the postpartum period…and beyond.

«I’ve had four different postpartum experiences. Among the intense feelings of happiness and limitless love was a sense that I had to keep the challenging parts, like loneliness, cracked nipples, breastfeeding in public, postpartum bleeding, exhaustion and bladder leaks, a secret,» Kristy continues.

«Modibodi aims to normalise conversations and images around women’s bodies and health, be it periods or incontinence and; we’re now doing the same for postpartum life – illuminating the pure joy to the downright difficult.»

According to Postpartum Support International, showing the postpartum experience with care, compassion and empathy is critical to ensuring new mums and dads feel seen and understood.

«One in seven women experience significant depression, anxiety, intrusive repetitive thoughts, panic, or post traumatic stress during pregnancy or postpartum. Greater representation of the new motherhood experience will help foster confidence and normalize the many postpartum journeys.

«I urge anyone who is struggling to talk to someone you trust and your doctor or other healthcare provider. From exercise and sleep, to counselling, support groups, and medication, there are many treatments, support and resources which are here to help get you through difficult times.You don’t need a diagnosis to reach out for help,» says Wendy Davis, Executive Director of Postpartum Support International.

Postpartum in Perspective

A leader in visual communications, Getty Images continues to see increasing demand for the authentic depiction of women in media and advertising. Its Visual GPS research shows that 67 per cent of people in the United States say it’s important to them that the companies they purchase from celebrate diversity of all kinds, and represent a lifestyle like theirs (70 per cent) in its advertising and communications.

«Creating authentic content for such a personal experience is not easy, but we’re glad to support Modibodi through our global Custom Content network of talented creators. These photographers tapped into their own families and friends to capture the very real perspectives from this vulnerable part of many women’s lives,» says Svetlana Zhukova, Director of Custom Solutions, at Getty Images.

«We are so proud of the results our photographers have delivered for this campaign, which opens the door wide to celebrate the myriad of unfiltered emotions experienced during postpartum that not enough people get to see or are acknowledged in media and advertising,» continues Svetlana.

A Time for Change

Having previously experienced censorship battles with the removal and banning of ads in mainstream media and on social platforms for discussing and showing periods realistically, Modibodi knows, however, that true change will take time.

«Driving social change for the postpartum experience may be a challenge, but it is incredibly important. Breastfeeding and postpartum bodies are natural, normal and beautiful. Why should this amazing time in a mother’s life be hidden or shrouded in stigmas.

«We want women to feel prepared, seen, understood and proud of their postpartum journey – whatever it looks like – by showing unfiltered images which acknowledge the tough times and the triumphs of this significant stage of motherhood,» says Kristy.

While this initiative begins with only 1,500 images, Modibodi hopes it will propel a deeper connection to the true postpartum experience that will ultimately change the conversation.

To kickstart this important social change initiative, the brand is also calling on parents from around the world to share their own, real postpartum images on social media via #PostpartumUnfiltered. Select imagery will be shared on social media and added to the image gallery on Modibodi’s website.

Images from the Embodied ‘Postpartum Unfilited’ campaign can be accessed on via the following keywords: ‘postpartum’, ‘embodied’ and ‘unfiltered’.

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Postpartum Support International (PSI) was founded in 1987 by Jane Honikman in Santa Barbara, California. The purpose of the organization is to increase awareness among public and professional communities about the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum.

PSI headquarters is located in Portland, Oregon, and has members, support coordinators and partner organisations around the world. PSI disseminates information, support,  and resources through its volunteer coordinators, online groups, website, and annual conference. PSI provides direct support to families, trains providers, and is a bridge to connect them. For help, information, and connection contact PSI through social media @postpartumsupportinternational.

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