Former Hawthorne, California, Mayor Chris Brown Announces the Launch of His High Quality Cannabis Brand Mayorijuana!

Premium Pre-Rolled Blunts, Accessories and Outerwear for Young Professionals LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Premium brand Mayorijuana has announced…

Premium Pre-Rolled Blunts, Accessories and Outerwear for Young Professionals

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Premium brand Mayorijuana has announced its entry into the cannabis industry. Mayorijuana is led by former mayor and cannabis consultant, Chris Brown, PhD. Mayorijuana’s initial product suite will feature pre-rolled hemp wrapped blunts that provide the nostalgia of a high end quality cigar while sustaining the flavor, aroma and effects of quality THC derived cannabis products.  Products are «rolled by professionals for professionals who appreciate craftsmanship.» Mayorijuana is the first cannabis company to be started by a former elected official.

Mayorijuana Founder & Former Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown

Dr. Brown has been a leader and visionary throughout his political and entrepreneurial career.  He made history as the first African-American mayor of Hawthorne when he was elected in 2013. During his tenure as mayor, he made the city of Hawthorne into a destination place for high tech behemoths SpaceX  and Tesla. He also spearheaded the initiative to get marijuana companies to pay millions of dollars to combat homelessness among military veterans. Now, Dr. Brown has set  his sights on taking the cannabis experience to the next level with a high quality lifestyle product line.

Mayorijuana prides itself on providing patrons with a personalized VIP experience not currently being offered in the space. Perfect for a wide range of social and leisure settings, Mayorijuana is a brand that normalizes cannabis use amongst professionals across the aisle and industry.  «Mayorijuana is more than a cannabis company. It is a lifestyle brand. Being a former elected official I feel I am in a unique position to normalize medicinal and recreational use among my peers,» says Dr. Brown. 

Launching in Southern California, then quickly expanding across the rest of the state, Mayorijuana is set to be a multi-state operated cannabis company that is vertically integrated across the supply chain including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and delivery.  Beginning in retail and delivery outlets across California, Mayorijuana has a national outlook and will quickly scale to a multi-state operation, encompassing everywhere cannabis is legal.

With  Dr. Brown’s 3 state cannabis licenses (Manufacturing, Distribution & Delivery), Mayorijuana is positioned to have an exciting path ahead as we venture into one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Mayorijuana is also launching its clothing and accessories line to be sold online and through select retail outlets. For more information on Mayorijuana please visit

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Mayorijuana is a California based cannabis company lifestyle and brand founded by former mayor of Hawthorne CA, Chris Brown, PhD. Mayorijuana is the first company in the cannabis industry started by a former elected official. Mayorijuana offers a luxury cannabis experience to consumers with an initial product suite that features pre-rolled hemp wrapped blunts, similar to high end cigars, and premium clothing that accentuates our overall style. More than just a brand, Mayorijuana is a lifestyle company that seeks to normalize cannabis use among political figures and high society influencers; penetrating the upper echelon of the market with clothes and accessories to accompany top quality cannabis products.


Chris Brown, PhD is a former California politician. On November 5, 2013, Dr. Brown became the youngest Mayor of the City of Hawthorne and the first African American Mayor in the city’s 91-year history. After leading campaign initiatives in favor of marijuana legalization, Dr. Brown has since gone on to become a leading cannabis consultant featured in Forbes on multiple occasions. Dr. Brown owns 3 Cannabis Licenses (Manufacturing, Distribution & Delivery) along with Magnolia Extracts. Dr. Chris Brown has a doctorate in Public Policy and he is an ambassador with Total Life Changes.

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